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Nicolas Deloyer

BTW : if you want to automate things at home, take a look at or that's RFID readers with stamps, that's really cool if you have a lot of pc at home where you can connect readers.
I've both and I put a stamp on my keys, so when I'm at home, i put my key on the reader and a message is sent to twitter mentionning i'm home (Ok it's easy but it was to test it :)) in fact you can define actions to do when stamps are recognized by the reader.

Nicolas Deloyer

Nice !!!! Really Nice !!!
It's very interesting to see such kind of infrastructure.
Currently, the best solution I found at home,it's Apple hardware for my music streaming and Windows/Xbox for my video streaming.
The storage is also a WHS + a linux nas but the content will be moved to my WHS soon.
Regarding the Music, I'm using a mac mini + airport express to stream my music in 2 rooms.
I'm controling the rooms (music) from my iPhone.
Regarding the video, the videos are shared from my WHS to 2 xbox and 1 PS3.
The network is a mix. CPL 200mbits + Wi-fi N.


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